About TSI Services

What Makes TSI Services Different

In the oil and gas industry, the maintenance of your equipment is critical. Failed equipment could mean system downtime, loss of revenue, or worst case, loss of life. At TSI Services, we know that you want to avoid downtime and stay in compliance with government regulations. To do that, you need a proactive and cost-effective workflow for the protection of your pipeline and assets.

The crisis in the industry is that the constant aging and deterioration of assets cause concern and stress over potential catastrophic Incidents. Those incidents can lead to sanctions, fines, downtime, and lost revenue. We believe maintaining assets that are providing a service to stakeholders is a vital responsibility and shouldn’t be so complicated to achieve with our expertise.

We understand the frustration of unplanned and unbudgeted compliance work. Our management team has over 100 years of experience in the corrosion industry to help you avoid that frustration. We will create a design, budget, strategically plan, and execute that work plan. TSI will utilize Industry SME’s, industry certified and knowledgeable team members to safely assess and complete your project.

You will never have to worry about asset Integrity or asset maintenance being out of compliance again. Connect with us, and let’s discuss your specific concerns and how TSI can meet those needs.

Get the prolonged service life of assets you need without the headache. TSI is here for you.

Our History

TSI was established in 1980 to provide Corrosion Services across South Texas, focusing in the Oil & Gas Industry. We specialize in servicing Pipelines, Pipeline Crossings, Above Ground Storage Tanks, Compressors, Turbines and Associated Equipment. Our mission is to maintain and operate an effective Corrosion Service Company which is dedicated to excellence through innovative ideas, targeting our client’s key indicators in the areas of Safety, Quality and Productivity of our Services.

We are a growing company committed to hiring and retaining the best in the industry in their respected field of expertise. Our crews have worked together in the industry more than 15 years together and are familiar with the specific needs in regard to surface preparation, application of protective coatings, and Corrosion Control. Training is ongoing and our support team is dedicated to providing a safe workplace while maintaining unsurpassed quality.